Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three Black Shoes

Today I looked down at my kitchen floor and saw 3 pairs of black shoes. All 3 had little black bows on the toes. One pair was on my feet and had high heels. Once pair was on Lauren's feet and were black ballet flats. The 3rd pair were on Hope. They were also little black ballet flats with a strap across the top. I never grew up with a sister. I always asked my mom for a sister, and she always said.."Go ask your dad". I think we got a dog instead. But this morning as I looked at all the little black shoes, I thought how lucky I am to have little girls growing up in my house. Both are my girls are so sweet, and adore each other. And I adore them. I never did have a sister, and that's OK. I'm loving every minute of raising sisters.