Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ya'll Ready for this ?

Wow! My last post was Christmastime. I guess I'm due for an update.

I'm in Utah right now for my cousin Shaylynn's wedding. Shay was the flower girl at my wedding almost 17 years ago. She was 4 years old at my wedding. As we all posed for a picture at her wedding I thought back to my wedding day. During the pictures, the photographer would set up the picture and then just before he took the picture a little voice (Shay's) would say.."cheese". I can hear it on my wedding video, and it is so cute. So last night as I posed for a family picture at Shay's wedding I couldn't help myself. Right before the photographer took the picture..I said "cheese" (real quiet).

As for the months of Jan - April, a lot has been going on. We've been busy as usual. When I get back home, I will download the pic's to go along with this post. Some things I'm planning on posting about are

* Spring break

* Josh's 9th birthday parties (yes, I said parties...plural)

* Easter

* Shay's wedding

The Winter blah's are just about over. I'm ready for a new season. Bring on the sunshine!
Bring on an updated blog! :)