Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Cancer Blog

So, a few weeks ago I decided to start a blog writing down specific things having to do with my cancer. Well, a few days later I found out I would need to start chemotherapy. So it worked out well that I had already a place to document this journey. I know when I am concerned about a procedure I always GOOGLE it to see what to expect. I always appreciate when others have documented their experience with cancer.
Even though I originally started this blog with the idea of keeping it to myself for a while, I think the timing is actually perfect for me to share it. Not only will it be there if someone is diagnosed in the future and finds the info helpful, but it's a wonderful way to share with my friends and family exactly what is going on with me.

To read my blog click HERE.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Starting the summer off in UTAH!

We had a chance to go to Utah for the week. It's something the kids look forward to as soon as school is out; they ♥ to see cousins, and they ♥ to stay at Grammie and Grandpa's house.

We always have so much fun in Utah....

And this trip was no exception!

Here is a little update of what has been going on around here......

Lauren tried out for Cheer and made it!

Josh and "his men" have been protecting our country!
(( at ease, men ))
Hope sleeping with Daddy in Utah
Josh & Jared fishing in Grammie's hot tub
( I think I saw a rainbow trout in there.....mighta just been a plastic fishy)
Hope spent hours fishing in the hot tub...she learned it from those boys!
Grammie with some grand kids on her "Mother's Day Swing"
Aunt Amy: you're such a good Aunt
Lauren, Josh & Jake got out of the pool to run through the baby sprinkler :)
Uncle Chris with Katelynn swimming
Hailee and Jared working on their tan (or trying to get warm)
Aunt Tashia with Katelynn & Hope. Another wonderful Aunt!

I think this summer is going to be good GREAT!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ya'll Ready for this ?

Wow! My last post was Christmastime. I guess I'm due for an update.

I'm in Utah right now for my cousin Shaylynn's wedding. Shay was the flower girl at my wedding almost 17 years ago. She was 4 years old at my wedding. As we all posed for a picture at her wedding I thought back to my wedding day. During the pictures, the photographer would set up the picture and then just before he took the picture a little voice (Shay's) would say.."cheese". I can hear it on my wedding video, and it is so cute. So last night as I posed for a family picture at Shay's wedding I couldn't help myself. Right before the photographer took the picture..I said "cheese" (real quiet).

As for the months of Jan - April, a lot has been going on. We've been busy as usual. When I get back home, I will download the pic's to go along with this post. Some things I'm planning on posting about are

* Spring break

* Josh's 9th birthday parties (yes, I said parties...plural)

* Easter

* Shay's wedding

The Winter blah's are just about over. I'm ready for a new season. Bring on the sunshine!
Bring on an updated blog! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Benson Family Christmas Letter

This year I did not do a Christmas letter. But then I realized how much I like hearing about how everyone else's year has been, and I decided to take a few minutes and write one. So here goes:

Benson Family Christmas Letter
This year has gone by really fast
All our expectations have been well surpassed
Larry and Jen have been really quite busy
Hope has started the "2 year old tizzy"!

Lauren and Josh have been doing so well
They're growing up fast, I'm sure you can tell.
Lauren is 11 going on 20
Aeorpostale clothes...she has plenty!

Lauren loves to shop & shop & shop
And Josh is full of energy and goes non-stop.
He's eight this year and a wonderful boy,
He brings our family so much joy!

He was baptized this year by his Dad.
He played football..yes tackle might I add.
He loves to play with Lego's and loves to read.
His favorite is Captain Underpants if you can believe.

Hope..well Hope, she is two
You just never know what she's going to do.
She's absolutely adorable, cute as can be.
We just know in our family is where she was meant to be!

She's talking non-stop, we understand most.
She is really smart..I don't mean to boast.
She loves Strawberry Shortcake and Winnie-the Pooh
She loves to say her colors, her favorite is blue.

Jen has been healthy and feeling so good
Someone's looking out for me, I knew that they would.
This years CAT scans have been great; my doctor is amazed
That I continue year after year and seem unfazed.

I just try to do my best day after day
and as for the cancer...I continue to pray!
I am thankful and humbled by my family and friends
The love I have felt from you knows no end.

Larry is amazing, and this is no lie!
He has no limits...well, maybe the sky.
He's still with Sutherlands, going on 20 years
It may be 20 more, or so it appears.

He's the go-to guy for all our friends
His home improvement knowledge never ends.
He's out of the bishopric, time for a break
Now on the High Council, for goodness sake.

It's been a great year for us, we feel really blessed.
We're ready for a New Year, I must confess.
We hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright.
And your New Year is also "outta sight"!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three Black Shoes

Today I looked down at my kitchen floor and saw 3 pairs of black shoes. All 3 had little black bows on the toes. One pair was on my feet and had high heels. Once pair was on Lauren's feet and were black ballet flats. The 3rd pair were on Hope. They were also little black ballet flats with a strap across the top. I never grew up with a sister. I always asked my mom for a sister, and she always said.."Go ask your dad". I think we got a dog instead. But this morning as I looked at all the little black shoes, I thought how lucky I am to have little girls growing up in my house. Both are my girls are so sweet, and adore each other. And I adore them. I never did have a sister, and that's OK. I'm loving every minute of raising sisters.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Scarrrrrrry porch.....

OK, I guess it didn't end up that scary. Lauren and Josh wanted to make our porch scary for Halloween this year. Last night was our "family decorate the porch night". We went and bought some bales of straw, and then we went to Family Dollar and picked out some decor. Even though the kids picked out tombstones, they didn't look so scary :) And Lauren said..."Really, who's going to be buried on top of a bale of straw?"
But when we turned on the motion detected howling ghost, Hope ran inside as fast as she could. So I said, "There you go...someone was scared!" Mission accomplished.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Building Hope for a Cure

On July 31st I had the privilege of participating in a American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Our team name was "Building Hope for a Cure". To start off our fundraising, Larry's work (Sutherland Lumber) made a very generous donation to our team. So we decided to base our team name around "building". Larry built a frame of a house that said the word "HOPE" inside to display at our camp.
We also had a lot of support from my mom's work (Swire Coca-Cola) in Salt Lake and Grand Junction. They donated water to our team. We even had a group drive up from Salt Lake to participate on our team.
We started the walk at 6pm. It started with a "Survivor's Walk" 9or as I call it...the purple shirts". I was honored to walk with a good friend, Tina Hart, who is a cancer survivor as well.
After that, all the teams started the 12 hour walk. I was amazed at how long some of the people actually stayed on the track. it meant so much to me to have their support, but to see them out there all hours of the night really touched my heart.
At around 9pm there was a Luminaria Ceremony where bags were purchased and designed to honor or in memory of those touched by cancer. Lauren was our official bag decorator. She made a very cute bag for me. She also made a bag for my Dad (Grandpa Kelly) and Larry's Grandma (GG). She also decorated a couple of bags for other friends. One of the bags was for my friend Michelle, who has a friend that lost her sweet little boy to cancer last year. It was so touching as the names were read and the bags were lit to light the track throughout the evening.
I could not have asked for a better group to participate with, not to mention all of the many, many donations made to my team by wonderful friends and family. It does go to a wonderful cause..the cure for cancer. Something I plan to see in my lifetime!