Friday, May 29, 2009

No Longer my Friend....

Here's WHO:

Here's WHAT:

And..Here's the CAUSE:

I guess doorknobs no longer stop her.

ps: You can tell Hope is a 3rd kid. If my first kid did something like this I would be disinfecting the entire area. Clorox-ing the shower and throwing away the shampoo bottle.
With the 3rd kid, I just put the shampoo bottle back, hoping it would get rinsed off well after the next person takes a shower, hoping it's not me. :)


Michelle said...

Oh sad . . . not looking forward to when Rebekah learns that trick . . .

pam said...

Oh my!! YES, I am the same way. By the time Number Three does these stunts, they have all been seen before!
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