Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Definitely Defining

(Jen Anderson Benson, Brandi White Gordon, Rick Olivares & Michelle Tresner Lyman 1989)

I haven't posted for a little while because I've been busy taking care of the usual things; home, family, bills, dinners, cleaning, laundry..etc. I haven't had time to post cute pictures of what the kids are doing, or random things going on.
Then yesterday, my best friend from high school posted a bunch of pictures from way back when. It was so fun to look at them and reminisce. But then I was so good back then. I mean, life is good now but, back then it was just different, really a defining time in my life. I look at myself in the pictures and think about all the things I didn't care about then. Things I didn't have to care about like..
How will the current economy affect my life and my family's?
What kind of world will my children grow up in?
How will our current president help or hinder our country?

And then there are the daily mom things like...
Did the kids get their lunches in their backpacks?
Are all the bills sent and paid?
What am I making for dinner tonight? etc, etc

I loved this specific picture because this is what my high school years were all about. My 2 best friends in the whole world (plus Rick, lucky enough to pose with us:). If you thought Jen Anderson...then you immediately thought Brandi White and Michelle Tresner as well. We were inseparable. We had most of our classes together, we spent every weekend together. We double-dated, we even worked fast food together (shout out to Arctic Circle). We cheered together, went to school dances together. We sluffed together (sorry for that mom!) We really grew up together. I have been so lucky to reconnect with a lot of my friends from high school via Facebook the past few months. And it has been so much fun catching up and seeing how they're all doing. And even seeing some of them with their own kids now in high school. Crazy!!
It was such a fun time in my life, I wanted to post about it, so in the future I can look back and remember how it feels to live carefree. To have your only worries be about ..are we riding the bus with the football players to the game, or driving ourselves? Big concerns. And I didn't worry about what was for dinner..because I already knew...we were going to McDonalds after the game. And I would get the quarter pounder combo with a Coke and I would always eat my fries first. And, no, I didn't have to worry if they were going straight to my hips. Not back then! :)


erica said...

Cute, cute!! :) Love the cheer uniform Jen!

Those were the days...Everyone always said life would get more stressful and more busy, but I couldn't imagine it then! :) Although, much more blessed now, definitely.

Brandi said...

I just read your Blogg and you made me cry. Call it old age I guess :) You summed up our youth perfectly. Thanks for being apart of my life and making those years so much fun. And I to am glad for facebook and the reconnection even if it is just a internet one :)
Love Brandi