Thursday, February 12, 2009

what the WHAT??

So Hope has 2 favorite shows. She watches them over & over. One is Barney (ever heard of it? LOL) The other is called Hi-5. It is on Discovery Kids Channel. It has 2 men and 3 women that sing and dance. She LOVES Hi-5.

Well.......last night as we were watching American Idol we realized one of the girls trying out for the show was a girl from Hi-5 named Jen. She had to sing for survival with the girl with long blonde hair and bright pink highlights. Anyway, she ended up not making the cut and I was so sad. I love to root for people I know..and I consider "knowing" her since she's in my family room several times a day. Anyway, just a little co-inckydink!

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pam said...

My kids love HI-5 as well. That is sad that she didn't make it.