Monday, March 30, 2009

Josh owns the month of April

My little Josh.

I remember going to the doctor to schedule an induction with my 2nd baby (you know how I love the schedule all things). He said he could induce me on Sunday because he was on-call that day and would be at the hospital anyway. He also said the date was April 1st, and wondered if the date would bother me. I guess he just didn't want my baby to go through life hearing..

"It's your birthday....April Fools!"

Anyway, when he asked if the date bothered me..I asked him what the next day was (meaning his schedule)..and he said "April 2nd". And I thought...duh!

And really why would April 1st bother me? If it was a day to schedule delivering a baby..then I LOVED the day. Who wouldn't? And I love the day even more now. Josh was born on April 1st, 2001 at 12:35pm. I was induced at 10:00am, and he was born 2 1/2 hours later.

April is Josh's month. And this year he has been very busy.

He started playing little league football and his first game was this last Saturday. They have an excellent team, their first game ended 30-0. Josh & his dad are both enjoying the experience (although, I'm not sure who is enjoying it more) :). They take little league football very seriously out here. When I pulled up to the parking lot, I saw people tailgating and BBQing at little league. hmmmm

And then Saturday night we invited some friends and families over for a bday BBQ. I borrowed my friend Mark's projector and hooked up the Wii to it in our garage. Josh was in heaven. It was big screen MarioKart. It just doesn't get any better.

This month Josh is getting baptized. He is so excited because turning 8 means he gets to go to scouts. He has been looking so forward to starting scouts. He's an awesome kid. I'm so lucky to have Josh as my little boy.

(very proud daddy!)

(one of Josh's biggest fans cheering him on)

(Josh playing "big screen Wii") we did adjust it so his head was off the screen :)

( with the candles. I forgot to buy a #8 I did a math puzzle for Josh. I told him his candles were 9-1= 8 years old) desperate times.... :)


Chanda Starr said...

What a fun time!! Bryant's birthday is on the 4th and he will also be getting baptized and joining scouts. What a fun birthday turning 8 is or should I say 9 - 1 is!!

pam said...

Happy Birthday Josh!

Janell said...

What a cool kid!! Thanks for sharing pictures--it's great to see what a handsome, fun boy he's growing up to be. We miss you all.

Shauna said...

I l♥ve the pictures! Hope you have a great day! ♥ HUGS ♥