Friday, March 20, 2009

What were YOU doing 16 years ago today???

{Flash Back Alert....}

16 years ago today (March 20th 1993) I was in my apartment getting ready to go on a date with Larry. He invited me to go to Mulboon's on the 13th Floor in downtown Salt Lake City. I was ironing my clothes and getting ready. I had a feeling it was going to be a special night. Back then Larry and I used to go out a lot to nice restaurants, so it wasn't that. I just had a feeling it was going to be more:)

After dinner, we went to our favorite spot. It's the view from behind the Capitol Building. Anyone from Salt Lake knows where I'm talking about. We used to drive up there all the time and just look out. It was so cool to see the entire valley; from downtown Salt Lake all the way to Sandy. And you could follow State Street all the way because it was lit up so bright.

Only this night, there was more than just a view to see...there was also an.........

Engagement Ring!!

Anyway..that's what I was doing 16 years ago today!

(ironing my clothes for our date)

(right before Larry picked me up...gotta love the poofy 1990's hair)

(leaving my apartment for the first time as an engaged girl!)

(Showing off my ring on my apartment balcony)


Chanda Starr said...

Wow!! You look to young to just have gotten engaged! I also got engaged and married very young and now I look back and realize why my parents were worried!!

The pictures of Josh playing are awesome! Gotta love a boy in uniform!!

christy said...

That's exciting! Ten years ago I would be just starting the dating thing with turning sweet 16! Funny to look back on life and see where you were. BTW-you look WAY to young to be engaged. But still look young.

Chad, Mindy and girls said...

You look just like Lauren in these pics! :) How cute that you have these pictures to remember the "Big Day"...I know the date, but no pics of before and after!

susette said...

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pam said...

How fun to remember those milestones! You look pretty happy:)

Michelle said...

What a cute story! 16 years ago, I was too young to remember what I was doing-- I wasn't even in Young women's yet-- so I was probably wishing for that to happen!! I love falling in love stories and engagement memories! Such a fun time :)